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We are on the slow. Serious slow. And we have taken this show to mostly Facebook!

But! I wanted to share here since I know it will also link there. The TV watcher that I am, I like Californication. This past season none other but the glorious Kathleen Turner (Serial Mom forever!) has been a guest star. She plays a main characters boss and is the raunchiest lady on TV and I LOVE IT. Below are some totally not safe for work (!NSFW!) clips:

rasputin! naked!

By far and away the biggest posts on HC are the madonna! naked! and tony danza! naked! posts. As we are slowly moving away from posting regularly I felt compelled to share with you the most dire information I have on sexuality and so on; primarily, the mythology of Rasputin’s penis. And although he’s not really naked, I would be interested to see who ends up most popular with naked in the post title: Madonna, Tony Danza or Rasputin.

(I should point out that Tony Danza and this Rasputin post are inspired and sourced from a Jezebel post about 20 Famous Big Dicks.)

Apparently, Rasputin had a big dick. I don’t have any naked pictures but I do have a picture is what is believe by some to be his pickled penis (source):


Measuring 28.5cm (about 11 inches) – allowing for shrinkage caused by pickling…

Rasputin’s penis even has it’s own Wikipedia entry where they have documented some of the mythology around his dong. My favorite quote of a quote is:

One woman confessed that the first time she made love to him her orgasm was so violent that she fainted. Perhaps his potency as a lover also had a physical explanation. Rasputin’s assassin and alleged homosexual lover, Felix Yusopov, claimed that his prowess was explained by a large wart strategically situated on his penis, which was of exceptional size.

Strategic wart placement equals sexual prowess! Mountain Dew can be used as birth control! Spread the word kids.

There’s a lot of talk and then there’s this thing in a jar which may or may not be a penis. There are some skeptics out there who contend that the object is in fact a sea cucumber. Mostly because if all the stories and rumors are true then the penis should be dried out…not all fluffed up in a pickling jar as seen here:


What do you think? Penis or not?

public nudity! art!

I love me some naked photography. Done well. With taste. And maybe on film. Two projects I ran across recently:


-Zach Hyman has been snapping pictures of naked ladies quickly in public spaces all over New York which cumulated with a big fancy art show this summer. But what I really like about it is that he is exclusively using a big ol’ clunky Hasselblad to do so and shooting 10 frames in 30 seconds. His website and the New York Post article.

-Miru Kim has photographed the lost, dark, dirty and industrial places all over the world. As naked self portraits. Awesome I think. Her website.


jobs of hand

Is it like a “thing” that girls don’t know how to give boys handjobs? This has come up twice recently and I’ve never really thought about it or heard that before.

I was thinking about it and I imagine that a mediocre blow job is still pretty good because a guy can’t do it himself but a mediocre hand job is kind of like “meh, I could handle this on my own.”

I know we have mostly girl readership but I’m curious if this is just one of those things.

Part of this blog originally was to share my nerdy science-y stuff with friends (I’m not a scientist though so keep that in mind as I fill you will false information about virology and cellular structure bullshit.) Let’s learn about STDs.

You know how they recently found that circumcision can protect men against acquiring (not sure about transmitting) HIV?  It’s been studied and shown to work in Africa (parts of Africa…it’s a fucking continent and we refer to it like it’s all the same…I’m guilty) with vaginal transmission (penis in the cooter). Here in the US our HIV problem is really among men who have sex with men (penis in butt). Different transmission should equal different approaches. But sometimes I wish it were as easy as telling people to cut off a hunk of their penis and everything will be ok.

Susie Bright has herpes. That’s an old post but I just saw it. She has some misinformation in there, but overall that’s a nice little post if you or someone you know has herpes.

The misinformation is the part about wrestling…I’m not sure where she’s getting that? Dr. Drew does this bullshit too where he talks about the smallest plausible events of getting herpes on your finger but for the most parts that is just not what happens. People have sex and get genital herpes. People rarely get herpes on their fingers or from wrestling (wrestlers should worry about staph infection; roller derby players should worry about staph infection!).

Like she says, you probably have it.

Em and Lo wrote about re-gifting sex toys. Nasty. You can recycle sex toys you know. But also, they are not entirely on point about STDs. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia wouldn’t really survive on a sex toy. Trich would. Hep B would (if there were blood) but you’ve probably been vaccinated.

Chlamydia might make you feel manlier. I know I love a man who can make me sterile.

That’s all I’ve got today in terms of taking the fun out of sex.


We are big on the mens lately it seems. And maybe all of my fodder is TV. But! I have been watching Hung on HBO, and while not the greatest show, it is not bad. I like objectifying men and stuff and secretly I am hoping they will show us his package, but I don’t think that is going to happen.  Jezebel did a good overview today that you should check out if curious about the show but don’t have cable. For now, you should watch this short SFW fake commercial in which Tanya (his PIMP) explains their services as “Happiness Consultants”:

Fellas, do you get uncomfortable sporting a boner while wearing your thong at the beach? I thought so. Luckily this little gem of an idea has been lingering in my blog reader for some time now and I feel that this fine summer Sunday I should share with you.

I present – the thong design that allows you to sport a full hard-on unimpeded (nsfw):

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